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SCAN (SCiences & ANglais) is the English speaking section at INSA Lyon. It welcomes both international students and French students that have a good level in English. It spans a period of two years (the entire FIMI cycle). One of the goals of SCAN is to foster a multicultural environment where English is the communication tool for both students and teachers. The SCAN core-educational program is the same as the one offered in the INSA French-speaking FIMI cycle, but it also includes a cultural perspective thanks to its unique features such as transversal or foreign language classes and an adapted culture curriculum.

Here, you will find some useful content about your life at INSA Lyon and more specifically as a SCAN student. The section has its very own events such as an additional integration weekend (WISC), Pi day, SCAN barbecue and many others throughout the year. If you're already a SCAN student and want to have access to our private documentation, log yourself using CAS by clicking on "log in".

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SCAN Radio - 30/03/2023

Radio Show - Interview with DAG for the "Frontières" exhibition

SCAN Radio - 15/12/2022

Radio Show - FIFA World Cup (15/12/2022)

SCAN Radio - 27/10/2022

Radio Show - Halloween and Gender Swap Day (27/10/2022)

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