SCAN Projects

During your first semester at INSA Lyon, you will be brought to conduct special projects in replacement of the maths and physics final exams. So what are the SCAN Projects ?

What? A group project (5 students per group) allowing you to explore a subject (given by the teachers, see the list below)

When? The week prior to and the week of the first semester's final exams.

→ in 2023: From January 23rd to February 3rd


  • ~20’ oral presentation (+10’ Q&A) on the last Friday in front of your classmates (the scan group is divided in two amphis so you will see half of the projects)

  • Written report

Overall mark? 1/3 given by the tutor, 1/3 presentation, 1/3 report


Some advice for the project's organization:

  • Contact, as quickly as possible, your assigned tutor to set up your first appointment and get the project started.

  • If possible, plan the next appointment(s) during the 1st contact meeting.

  • Identify the main tasks of the project (including slideshow and report writing) and assign a responsible + participants for each one.

  • Make sure that everyone understand and agree on the objectives of each task.

  • Establish a timeline for each task up to the project presentation.

  • Communicate regularly on the task & project advancement with your partners and tutor. Two weeks fly by and you need to stay focused and coordinated.


List of projects (from 2022/2023)

Project 1: Mechanics ‘Al Dente’ (measuring the strength of a spaghetti supported at one end (cantilever) and on two ends)
Project 2: Understanding the principals of GPS (Global Positioning System)
Project 3: Quantifying (and correcting) the blur in pictures
Project 4: “Oh No! It was brand new...” (understanding the weak mechanical point of handles) 
Project 5 : Artificial Intelligence
Project 6: Measuring the Internet
Project 7: Basic Design of a novel patent monitoring system 
Project 8: Photovoltaic system for an autonomous cottage 
Project 9: Prime Numbers and Cryptography
Project 10: Reading Light using bioluminescence
Project 11: Non-circular chain wheels in bicycles – A critical analysis
Project 12: Lava lamp 
Project 13: Polar Pod expedition
Project 14: “Smartphone Physics” (conduct an experiment using captors on your smartphone)
Project 15: Microscopic image analysis with Python