About SCAN

How to apply

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to apply to SCAN at INSA de Lyon, and this post is here to help you. Here, you’ll have all your courses dispensed in English; but don’t worry, even if it may fry your brain the first week, you’ll get used to it. The most difficult things to understand are the engineering stuff anyway!


To join the SCAN section in the first year :

Before this year, french candidates could select SCAN during the Parcoursup prodcedure. Starting from this year, you won't have anything to do on Parcoursup: if you're accepted at INSA, you will receive an e-mail telling you what to do if you want to join SCAN. You will most likely have to send a motivation letter and a CV, or a motivational video. And as your English level is over 9000, you’re in! 

For international students who wish to join us, please visit this website https://www.groupe-insa.fr/preparer/comment-candidater/les-procedures/integrer-le-groupe-insa-en-1re-annee (only available in French for now).


To join the SCAN section in the second year :

As you may know, 25 first-year students in the general first cycle can be accepted in the SCAN section in the second year. Here is a short summary to let you know how to apply.

All first-year students in the general first cycle may attend a meeting. This meeting will provide general information about studying in SCAN.  First-year students will have the opportunity to speak to SCAN students after the Easter holidays during a short presentation of the SCAN section which will be scheduled in 1st year English classes.

To sign up, students should go to the CIPCnet site to register. The registration process is normally active as of early May.

Elements which are taken into account in the selection of applicants are: attendance (several non-authorised absences don’t look good), the opinion of the candidate’s English teacher (commitment to speaking English – not your actual level), date at which the candidate registered on CIPCnet (first come, first served); Please note that you do not need to write a letter!



Mrs Lorna Fitzpatrick: lorna.fitzpatrick@insa-lyon.fr

Mr Damien Deleruyelle: damien.deleruyelle@insa-lyon.fr