About SCAN

How to apply

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to apply to SCAN at INSA de Lyon, and this post is here to help you.

To join the SCAN section in the first year:

  • You are a French student, or you study at a foreign French high school.
  1. First, fill your application to INSA Lyon and the Groupe INSA on Parcoursup (the official undergraduate affectation platform). Once your wish is confirmed, you'll receive an email inviting you to create an applicant page on Groupe INSA's website ;
  2. On your INSA applicant page, rank the different international sections proposed in each school you applied to (putting SCAN in first place for INSA Lyon ;) ) ;
  3. Be admitted to INSA Lyon (good luck, fingers crossed) ;
  4. Wait for an email from the SCAN section directors and follow the instructions. It is very likely, as has been done for many years, that you will be asked to send a CV/résumé in English and a short presentation video (~3 min).

To join the SCAN section in the second year:

During the second semester, all first-year students attend a meeting about international sections and exchange opportunities. This meeting will provide general information about studying in SCAN. In 2023, first-years selected their preferred international section on the platform Moodle. Each year, around 4~5 additional students are admitted to the SCAN section this way.

Elements which are taken into account in the selection of applicants are: attendance (several non-authorised absences don’t look good), the opinion of the candidate’s English teacher (commitment to speaking English is as important as your actual level); Please note that you do not need to write a CV/résumé if you are applying for second year!



Mrs Lorna Fitzpatrick: lorna.fitzpatrick@insa-lyon.fr

Mr Damien Deleruyelle: damien.deleruyelle@insa-lyon.fr