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About INSA

The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA de Lyon) (National Institute of Applied Sciences) is France's largest engineering university.

INSA Lyon is part of the renown network of Grandes Ecoles, France's higher education system's particularity. As such, INSA Lyon teaches a fully-integrated internationally recognized M.Sc. in Engineering course, spanning five years. As in most other engineering schools in France, the course at INSA consists of a two-year intensive foundation course taught in the FIMI department, completed by three years of study in a specific field of engineering (mechanical, electrical, IT, materials, construction, etc.). These two phases are traditionally referred to in France as cycle préparatoire and cycle ingénieur respectively.

Cycle préparatoire

During the first two years, you will study fundamental sciences (math, physics, chemistry, mechanics and design, computer science and environmental science). The point of this demanding, generalist curriculum is to make you able to choose any field of engineering for the second cycle, and to provide knowledge you can lean on when tackling multidisciplinary projects during your career. You will also, to a lesser extent, attend classes like languages, expression and sports. The particularity of the SCAN section is that it allows you to follow the classes of the premier cycle in English instead of French.

Cycle ingénieur

After completing the first cycle, you will have to choose one out of the following twelve specialties, each taught in French in its own department:

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