About SCAN

The SCAN section (namely SCiences en ANglais), is an international section at INSA Lyon. It covers the first two years in the Preparatory level. SCAN offers a solid grounding in general scientific and technical education allowing the students to join, afterwards, one three-year graduate course to finally obtain the internationally recognized INSA MSc in Engineering diploma.

As a Science and English section, SCAN adds the intercultural experience to the scientific excellence provided at INSA Lyon. Indeed, SCAN students are both English-speaking foreign students and French students who have acquired an very good level in the language during high school. The intercultural experience is made possible by the SCAN life and events : integration weekends, trips, SCAN options … or even BBQs are the perfect recipe to benefit from this intercultural mix.

This international program welcomes three groups of 25 students both in first and second year. About 80% of the lessons are taught in English and 20% in French. Another foreign language can be studied for French speakers.